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Everyday life

How does it feel to work at Alan? Here are a few hints!

Everyday life
Updated on
30 April 2024
Updated on
30 April 2024
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In this article

🔢 Our team in numbers 

Alan is a dynamic and fast-growing company. We started in 2016 with a team of less than 10 and we now have more than 500 Alaners working from many countries around the world (read more about our remote friendly policy here)! Despite our size, we remain a fast-moving and lean structure where we give a lot of ownership to the team to achieve their goals.

Our growth has been recognized: Next40 from FrenchTech (every year since its creation), Top Startup to work for by LinkedIn in 2021.

🗺️ Where we work

Starting from people, not from offices

Most companies rent an office, and they hire people to fill it. At Alan, we turned it around and focus on people first. Each Alaner is free to live and work where they prefer. When there is enough people in one city, we open a coworking space.

🇫🇷 Our largest office is in Paris: 117 Quai de Valmy, 75010.

Paris Office

🇪🇸In Spain we have offices in Madrid: Aticco, Maria de Molina 39, 28006 and Barcelona: Bogatell Aticco, Carrer de Pallars, 108, 08018

🇧🇪 In Belgium our offices are in Ghent: MeetDistrict, Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid 808-b300, 9000 and Brussels: MeetDistrict, Bld Bischoffsheim 15, 1000

Ghent Office

🤗 We also have coworking hubs in Annecy, Antwerp, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Reunion, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Tours and more to come...

👩‍🎤Diversity & Inclusion

Alaners are missionaries trying to create a new category in healthcare - we are looking for people who have grit & drive to go on this mission. Our bar for excellence is high; we believe people who exemplify our Leadership Principles are the right people for Alan.

We believe those qualities can come from anywhere and we fight discrimination on the basis of the background.

48% of Alaners are self-declared women.

How this stance works in practice at Alan:

💚 From being a candidate to becoming an Alaner

  • Communities design diversity sourcing strategies, without compromising on the quality or excellence of the profiles sourced. In order to do so, they spend time nurturing top diverse talents “for when the time comes”

  • Our job postings are gender-neutral.

  • Our hiring process is fair, structured to reduce bias. All candidates go through the same hiring process and we do not lower the bar for any candidate, irrespective of who they are.

🌱 Onboarding, growing and leaving

  • We have a transparent review process which can be audited.

  • We stay true to our parting ways policies, irrespective of the person’s background.

  • We consistently invest in the growth of people, irrespective of their historical background.

  • We are radically transparent about salaries & compensation

🤩 Working at Alan

  • Our Workplace is accessible to everyone (in major offices).

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy on any form of bullying, harassment or discriminatory behaviours.

  • We believe Alaners from diverse backgrounds should feel safe to share their specific experiences with others.

  • We practice Radical Transparency where all Alaners have access to all information equally and any Alaner can voice their opinion on any topic freely

  • We are building a product that progressively represents & serves all people no matter their background

  • We have a flexible work policy, allowing everyone to cope with their obligations.

Some other important numbers and topics on which we are still working to improve:
  • Our Tech & Engineering teams (21% are self-declared women).

  • F+ level Alaners (Leadership roles that have a broad impact at company level): 24% are self-declared women.

  • Our 2023 score for the “index Indice d’égalité professionnelle” was 94 out of 100.

🛠 The tools we use - and what they say about us

We like to keep our tool-stack as simple as possible. Here are a few of the main ones we use, and how they embody our culture.

  • Notion for internal documentation. As we have a written culture, we have documented everything since the creation of Alan. This is Alaners' go-to when they want information about anything.

  • Slack for everyday internal communication. As an embodiment of our radical transparency principle all our communication is public, we avoid DM's (private messages) and never email each other internally. Slack is a fun place to bond - we have channels and groups dedicated to "furry friends", food, music, sports, and much more).

  • Github issues to take business decisions. We don't use meetings to make decisions, instead they are discussed in Github. We're completely hacking this software development tool, we because we find it to be the right balance between conversation and step back. Github "Discussions" and "Issues" are the cornerstone of our asynchronous, written, transparent and decentralized culture.

  • Google Workspace for just about anything. Our Google calendars are accessible to anyone in the team, which makes it super easy to make yourself available (or not) for 1:1's, interviews, etc. We use Google Sheets and Google Docs too.

  • Dust as an AI-powered productivity tool integrated with our tools. It helps us automatise internal processes, search our extensive knowledge base efficiently, provides an ever willing sparring partner and a nifty help to prepare our 1:1s (among many other things).

  • Intercom as a ticketing tool to interact with our customers via email and chat, for very serious conversations, but always with a friendly tone, and sometimes even a joke when the topics allows.

  • Lever and GoodTime for recruiting. At Alan, everyone contributes to hiring their next brilliant teammates, embodying our distributed ownership.

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Published on 28/06/2023

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