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Alan's Leadership

At Alan, we envision a world where anyone holds the power to actively influence their physical and mental health. By transforming how individuals impact their health, we strive every day for a healthier humanity, starting with healthier people, and healthier businesses. And this starts with a rock solid culture and team. What matters to us is to value the quality of ideas, more than titles or seniority. We operate with a flat management structure, this is why this page only presents a partial view of our leaders. Want to know more? Reach out to our press team [email protected]!

Meet our leadership team

Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve

Co-founder & CEO

Prior to Alan, Jean-Charles co-founded Expliseat, which has revolutionised aircraft seating for economy class. He has published 2 books, "Healthy Business", about company culture and "De l’Assurance Maladie au Partenaire Bien-Être", about the future of health.

He is a non-operating co-founder & board member of He holds a MSc in Engineering from Ecole des Ponts Paristech, a MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs and is a member of the French Institute of Actuaries. He earned the Ordre National du Mérite in 2021.

Charles Gorintin

Co-founder & CTO

Prior to co-founding Alan, Charles was a data science leader at fast-growing social networks Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He is also a non-operating co-founder & board member of

Charles holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, a Masters degree in Machine Learning from ENS Paris-Saclay, and a Masters of Financial Engineering from UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business. He is a member of the French-American Foundation "Young Leaders" program.

Corporate Governance

Sergei Galperin, Finance
Before joining Alan in 2020, Sergei spent 15+ years at J.P. Morgan advising FinTech and financial services companies on strategic, financial and corporate matters. Sergei now leads the Finance function at Alan, and since his appointment, has helped Alan raise over €300m of capital, make its first acquisition, transform its internal and external reporting and set the course for profitability.
Marion Bergeret, Legal
Marion started her career as a specialized lawyer in tech, then worked in Ai at Snips, after graduating from Oxford University and UC Berkeley. She joined Alan in 2020 to build the Legal function, and shaped Alan's health product, supported its business strategy, and structured Alan's compliance. She focuses on building a uniquely Legal function, by empowering all Alaners to make bold decisions.
Paul Sauveplane, People & Corporate
Paul served as civil servant in advisory capacities to the French Government (Inspection générale des Finances), and ACPR, before joining Alan in 2016, where he spearheaded the licensing process and the first partnerships as a licensed insurer. After establishing functions in Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Public Affairs, Risk, and Compliance, Paul now leads the Corporate and People teams.
Laurent Guérin, Insurance
Laurent started his career in energy policy and then held leadership positions at the French Treasury. He played a key role in designing and leading reforms that deeply impacted the financial services and tech investment landscapes in France. He joined Alan in 2020 to build the Risk function, and now leads Insurance practice. Laurent graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and the MIT.

Country General Managers

Fabrice Staad, General Manager France
Fabrice worked in insurance and social protection, in public (French insurance supervisory authority, advisor to ministers in France) and private sectors (Generali France), before joining Alan in 2016, He now serves as General Manager for Alan in France, shaping and executing its strategy. Fabrice graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Sciences Po and is a member of the French Institute of Actuaries.
Irene Martinez Paricio, General Manager Spain
Prior to joining Alan, Irene worked at BBVA in risk management and business development for Insurance in Spain, Peru and Corporate, after consulting for insurance companies at Willis Towers Watson in London and Madrid. She is a Maths graduate from University of Valencia and from the London School of Economics (LSE). She is a qualified actuary of the UK and Spanish Institutes of Actuaries.
Cedric De Vleeschauwer, General Manager Belgium
Cedric held various leadership roles in Belgium’s fastest growing companies: Netlog, Acquia and Showpad. He co-founded two startups, and is a startup coach. Cedric joined Alan in 2020 to launch and scale the company in Belgium. He has built the team, defined the Belgian go-to-market and product strategy. He graduated from Ghent University, Vlerick Business School and UC Berkeley.


Ludovic Bauplé, Revenue
Ludovic started his career at Bain & Co, consulting in tech, finance, and consumer goods. He then led digital product transformation at SoLocal, shifting 80% of the revenue online. At ManoMano, he launched the B2B marketplace, growing it from scratch. Now at Alan, he is driving and scaling revenue growth across all markets, for all industries, globally. He graduated from HEC Paris.
Aurélie Fliedel, Marketing
With 15 years of experience in Product and Marketing, in large companies such as SoLocal and start ups (iGraal, Quicksign), Aurélie joined Alan in 2020 to lead the marketing strategy. Her role is pivotal to build a strong Marketing community, driving growth and revenue, and building a stellar brand. Aurélie is a graduate of HEC Paris and holds a degree in German Litterature from Sorbonne University.
Augustin Mine, Expansion / New business
Prior to joining Alan in 2019, Augustin worked in private equity and investment banking at Bain Capital and JP Morgan, before managing Ofo's operations in France. Augustin leads Expansion and New business at Alan. He launched the first international markets, and now leads new segments expansion, such as the French public sector. He is a graduate from the London School of Economics (LSE).
Mihaela Albu, Strategy & Operations
Mihaela was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company in London, advising healthcare clients on strategy, marketing & sales and organizational topics. She joined Alan in 2018 and now leads Business Strategy & Operations globally, driving strategic planning, go-to-market strategy and scaling sales, account management and customer success operations. She holds an INSEAD MBA and an MSc from Paris I University.
Marie Hardel, Customer Care
Marie started her career as analyst for a VC firm in London, for BNP Paribas technology think tank in San Francisco, after graduating from HEC Paris. She then scaled operations for HotelTonight, an Airbnb-acquired startup, in France, Benelux, and the Middle East. She joined Alan in 2018, and leads Customer Service teams globally, with the ambition to deliver stellar quality of service at scale.

Product & Tech

Thomas Rolf, Product
Prior to joining Alan in 2018, Thomas held Product Management roles at Facebook (now Meta) in London and at a startup in San Francisco. He leads the product team at Alan, building a world-class team of product managers. He works with engineering, design, data, ops & insurance leads to define Alan's product strategy and development. He is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and Stanford University.
Ujala Anis, Research & Design
Ujala's experience includes roles at Deezer, BBC, and LSE, before joining Alan in 2020. She is now building the Design & Research team, refining pivotal processes for world-class product development. Collaborating with engineering, product, operations, and data leads, shes focuses to shape and enhance product strategy & culture. Ujala has a Master's in Health & Social Psychology from LSE.
Alexandre Gerlic, Engineering
Alexandre began his career in AI at Virtuoz, followed by a R&D role at Exalead. After this, he joined Intercom where he oversaw the infrastructure teams and initiated their first AI project. He then established Front's Engineering Paris office and built a global infrastructure team as Head of Infrastructure. Since 2019, he is leading the engineering team at Alan. Alexandre is a graduate from EPITA.
Sophie Bussières, Operations
Sophie started her career as a strategy consultant at Bain and Co, then joined the Strategy department of the Groupe La Poste, and worked for an insurtech start up studio. Sophie now leads the Operations team at Alan since 2019. She is accountable for the operational strategy and guarantees excellence in execution. She is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Mines.
Sebastien de Larquier, Data
Sebastien's data expertise started with studying space weather during his PhD, and was further refined through various roles at Netflix and He joined Alan in 2020, and is since leading the Data Community. Initially focusing on developing products to enhance member quality of life, Sébastien is now building the structure and environment pivotal to Alan's data-driven success.

Meet our Board

Our Board of Directors is composed of leaders in their industry, and we benefit greatly from the different perspectives and experiences each of our board members bring and share with us.

Jan Hammer, General Partner at Index Ventures
Jan is a General Partner at Index Ventures and focuses on financial and information/data services across all investment stages. He joined Alan's board in March 2018 after leading our Series A funding round. Having been an early investor in transformational companies including Adyen, Collibra, Robinhood, SafetyCulture, and Wise, Jan brings us tremendous experience of building from both 0 to 1 and from 1 to 100.
Connie Chan, Head of Financial Services at Temasek
Connie is a Managing Director at Temasek, a Singaporean Sovereign Wealth Fund, and is responsible for investments and portfolio management in the FinTech and Financial Services sectors. She joined Alan's board in April 2020 having led our Series C funding round. With a very long-term investment horizon and international focus, Connie provides fundamental and global insight away from short-term market noise.
Lubomira Rochet, Partner at JAB Holding
Lubomira is a former entrepreneur at Valtech, was the Chief Digital Officer at L'Oréal, and has served on the board of Société Générale. She is also a partner at JAB, an investment fund. She has a background in economics and marketing, having studied at Ecole normale supérieure, Sciences Po, and UC Berkeley. She has been instrumental at Alan's board since 2021 for her consumer focus, holistic thinking, and business-driven mindset.
Ara Yeromian, Managing Director at Teachers' Venture Growth (TVG), part of OTPP
Ara has joined the Board of Alan in 2022 following its series E investment. Ara worked in Temasek’s European direct equity investment team. Prior to that he held investment and advisory roles at Ares Management and Credit Suisse in London. Ara holds a BSc from HEC Lausanne in Switzerland and a MSc in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics.

Letters to Shareholders

Radical transparency and building in the open are core to what Alan is. We believe this transparency builds trust internally and externally.
It has now been several years since we started sharing our quarterly internal letter to shareholders with our community.
You will be able to find on our blog all of the past letters, and how we operate our Finance machine.
Shareholder lettersShareholder letters