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About Alan

Where excellence meets (health)care.

You've come to the right place to learn more about Alan, our unique culture and our healthy business!

About Alan and our Culture

At Alan, we try to make high-growth culture compatible with ownership, freedom and autonomy.

We continue to build a culture where Alaners feel a strong sense of belonging, through belief in our mission, how we achieve it and meaningful relationships. Our culture thrives on a solid foundation of strong leadership principles that propel us towards excellence. Discover how these principles shape our work environment and contribute to our collective success.

In every decision we make, we are guided by a clear mission. Learn more about our mission and how it drives our daily activities, fuels our passion, and empowers us to make a positive impact.

Since 2016 we have been on a remarkable journey. Discover the milestones we have reached, the challenges we have overcome, and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in our History.

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About Alan and our Business

At Alan we are on an important mission to empower everyone to live a longer, healthier life. We are the ultimate one-stop health partner for people & companies and our business is set up for us to reach this ambitious mission!

From the very beginning, we have established a robust governance framework to ensure our sustainable growth and success.

We are mindful of building a sustainable future for our planet and taking responsibility for our environmental impact.

Our solid business model is all about striking a balance, learn more below.

Discover how we ensure our financial stability by building a sustainable budgetary model for future generations.

Learn about our business here

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