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About Alan


We founded Alan in 2016 to make personal, proactive and holistic health part of people’s daily life. We're striving to be the world’s most member-centric healthcare company.

Published on
28 juin 2023
Published on
28 juin 2023
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In this article

1️⃣ Building a new kind of health insurance (2016-2018)

In 2016 Alan becomes the first health insurance in France with a license — since 1986! Created by Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve and Charles Gorintin, Alan brings simplicity and transparency in a very complex industry: healthcare. At this stage, the focus is on start-ups and TNS (Travailleurs Non-Salariés). The website is created and the entire team handles customer service.

💪 Achievements

  • We partner with LIVI, to offer teleconsultation to our members.

  • At the end of 2018, we insure close to 25K members and 2K companies.

  • We close our Series A (23M€ - 2018)

👥 Team

The team grows from 0 to 36 Alaners. 

📚 Going further

2️⃣ Expanding health insurance for companies, launching international & new health services (2019-2020)

This step sees the beginning of our expansion and the launch of our scale economy strategy. By developing our own software infrastructure, we are able to get rid of third-party providers, and make a number of heavy processes much more delightful for our members.

💪 Achievements

  • We open Alan in Spain and Belgium.

  • We launch new products, such as offers for individuals and Alan Blue for companies, and several new services, such as Alan map.

  • We keep pushing for a reform that is finally adopted in 2019 and is a game changer: the Senate allows the cancellation of health insurance contracts at any time and at no cost (read more about it here 🇫🇷). 

  • Starting 2019, Alan is part of the first “Next 40” selection (and is selected every year since then). 

  • We end 2020 with 138K members.

  • We close our Series B (40M€ - 2019) and our Series C (50M€ - 2020). 

👥 Team

The team grows from 36 to 174 Alaners. 

📚 Going further

Letters to Shareholders 🇬🇧 2019 | Q1-2020 | Q2-2020 | Q3-2020 | Q4-2020

3️⃣ Accelerating the transition to the one-stop health partner for the body and mind (2021-2022)

We vastly expand our health and well-being services, like Alan Clinic (where you can chat with a team of doctors), and we launch Alan Mind, to help our members take care of their mental health. We also pursue our growth by opening health offers for new segments (retail stores, restaurants…). And it's only the beginning!

💪 Achievements

  • We develop revolutionary health services: 

    • Alan Clinic: we expand our virtual clinic’s offer

    • Alan Mind, our mental well-being offering

    • Alan Baby, our standalone app provides advice and content to parents [this service has now been retired - read more about it here]

    • Alan Clear, offering eye care and eye wear in a personalized, proactive and frictionless experience 

  • We release the books Healthy Business and De l’assurance maladie au partenaire bien-être.

  • We launch “Alan as a service” and onboard our first customer (Lamie). 

  • 📈 We end 2021 with 255K members and reach 334.5K members in September 2022.

  • We close our Series D (185M€ - 2021) and our Series E (183M€, led by Teachers’ Venture Growth). 

👥 Team

The team grows from 174 to 534 Alaners (in September 2022).

📚 Going further

Letters to Shareholders 🇬🇧 Q1-2021 | Q2-2021 | Q3-2021 | Q4-2021 | Q1-2022 | Q2-2022

🔭 To be continued!

To learn more about what's coming next for Alan, read the most recent Letter to Shareholders ⬆️.

Updated on 29/06/2023

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