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Careers at Alan

As a candidate, what can I expect from my hiring process at Alan?

We care deeply about the candidate experience. Here you'll be able to read what it means for you as a candidate. We know you have high expectations - and we like it!

As a candidate, what can I expect from my hiring process at Alan?
Updated on
20 February 2024
Updated on
20 February 2024
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In this article

We have modeled our hiring process following our company culture. If you feel at ease during the process you would most likely enjoy working at Alan.

We are proud of our team that inspires us every day, and we hope you see why during your interviews as you’ll meet a variety of Alaners along the process.

We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We’re committed to providing reasonable adjustments or accommodations for applicants, so if you need support or any specific set-up during the hiring process, please share openly to your point of contact at Alan. We'll be happy to help!

Here is what you can expect from us on a variety of topic: 

🗣 Transparent Feedback

After each stage of the process we will share feedback with you, whether we decide to move on to the next step or not. We aim at providing clear, honest, structured, and constructive feedback. And we encourage you to share feedback with us as well. 

🤓 Read more about how we approach Radical Transparency and Personal Growth in our Leadership Principles.

📌 Remote / Onsite 

Since Alaners are located in many different places, most of the process takes place remotely. However we offer the possibility to hold the last stage, the Alan Day, in person. This can take place in any of our Alan offices or co-working spaces.

🤓 Read more about our offices and remote policy here.

⏳Duration of the process

We strive to have candidates move through our process as fast as possible. Here are the timelines that we try to stick to:

  • Reply after a maximum of 72h to every candidate who has applied to one of our ads. 

  • Schedule an interview 24h maximum after you have provided us with your availability. This timeframe only concerns the scheduling - the interview can take place later depending on your availability, and that of the interviewer.

  • Provide feedback 48h maximum after an interview. 

On average our process takes around 1 month to complete. However, this is an average, and the length of the process will vary depending on your availability. We can also move very fast, and some candidates have gone through our process in a week. If you need your process to be speedy (for instance if you have an offer pending from another company) please share this with us so we can try to accommodate your timeline as much as possible.

Story time!

Although we try to move fast, we are also willing to wait for the people we really want to join us - and we never give up! We reached out to Stéphane Soulier in Feb 2018, with whom we had a great chat, but who wasn’t ready to join us at the time. He recommended 2 people that we both hired for other positions. A year and a half after the first contact, Stéphane was ready to interview - and we ended up hiring him 💪. 

📈 Levels and decision 

Alaners can have the same role but a different level on the salary grid - in which case we expect their impact to be different. 

Throughout the hiring process each interviewer indicates which level on our salary grid they believe you should be hired at.

If we decide to make an offer, the people who are part of the decision meeting (they are Alaners who have met you during the process) align on which level we will be making an offer at. You will receive an offer from us, stating the full compensation package linked to your level and experience (= your salary and the equity that would be granted).

👀 Read more about compensation packages at Alan:

🇫🇷 Au clair sur les salaires

🇬🇧 Salary Transparency - Shining a light on salaries

😺 Interviewers 

Throughout your hiring process you will therefore be meeting Alaners who are part of the team you are considering joining, as well as Alaners from other teams. But don’t worry, even though our interviewers are not all recruiters, they are all trained in how to lead an interview! 

👻 As part of this training you might have some Alaners shadowing one of your interviews, so they can observe and learn. So don’t be surprised if you’re meeting two Alaners instead of one, and take advantage to get insight of Alan from more than one Alaner.

🔄 Our hiring process is a two way street

We want our hiring process to be a two way street. Meaning that it is not only meant for Alan to get to know you and see if we think you would be a good fit for Alan, but also for you to get to know us and decide whether you see yourself thriving at Alan. 

This is why we strive for you to meet many different Alaners during the process - be it for formal or informal chats.

🤗 Diversity and Inclusion

We have taken several actions to attract more diverse candidates and ensure an inclusive work environment for every Alaner. 

To ensure a fair process:

  • We have a structured interview process to ensure consistency and mitigate biases. Every candidate goes through the same process.

  • We run skill-based interviews whether they are technical (hard) or behavioral (soft) skills. 

  • Every one of our interviews is scripted with a clear assessment framework to avoid, as much as possible, being influenced by our biases.

  • We are conscious of the tradeoffs we make when creating our technical exercises.

  • We educate our interviewers about unconscious biases and fight against them.

  • We have a transparent, public and non negotiable salary grid.

  • Internally, we use the pronoun "they" when referring to our candidates or members. 

🤓 Read more about our Gender equality policy and “index Indice d’égalité professionnelle” here.

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Published on 11/05/2023

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