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Careers at Alan

Onboarding at Alan

After an intense hiring process, the journey of a new joiner is a wonderful adventure - hop on the rocket with us! 🚀.

Onboarding at Alan
Updated on
1 July 2024
Updated on
1 July 2024
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If you are already in the recruitment process at Alan, if you have made it through or if you consider applying, you will know that the process is demanding - and there’s a reason for that!

We have made a vow to keep our talent density high so we can become the one-stop health partner for the body & the mind 💪.

👏 You are an Alaner from day 1

When you have received an offer from us, you are already an Alaner. We are excited to have you on board! There is no need to prove yourself further - you have done that through our challenging recruitment process ⚡️.

From your first day, you will immediately be viewed as an Alaner. You are one of us and we trust your skills and drive from the get-go.

That translates into an unorthodox onboarding mindset: we have a strong culture that we are proud of! The main expectation of your first 6 weeks at Alan is to submerge yourself in the culture and get familiar with the Alan Way of doing things.

You will be guided gently by your dedicated support system to navigate our culture, our leadership principles and to get introduced to the people who will help you grow into your new role - but the ownership of your onboarding is completely yours! That translates into you taking a proactive role in seeking out knowledge, challenging positively, setting your first deliverables and reaching out to Alaners you think would be great to get acquainted with.

💪 A strong support system

As mentioned above, the onboarding process is meant to empower you - but you are of course never alone. At Alan, you will be supported with an outstanding onboarding pathway who will help you succeed and ramp up. The onboarding pathway consists of:

  • Your role buddy: a dedicated Alaner who is familiar with your role. They will help you ramp up in your new role, suggest people you should meet and how to navigate tools and resources. The role buddy will be there to support you in the first 6 weeks of your onboarding as well, until you get the hang of things!

  • Your coach: one of our core values at Alan is to support the personal growth of our Alaners. As we don’t believe in a traditional hierarchical setting you will not have a manager - but you will be assigned a coach. The main role of the coach is to support your development, to help you grow and achieve your goals. Your coach will be your trusted constructive advisor for both wins and obstacles throughout your whole journey at Alan. Read more about coaching at Alan: 🇫🇷 Coaching : 1:1s et péripatéticiens.

  • Live sessions: An introduction to Alan’s cultural history  and what it means to be an Alaner with with our Chief People Officer Paul Sauveplane, followed by a lunch for those in Paris.

🗣 Our feedback culture

Continuous feedback is the backbone of our culture. Everyone in the team is required to be open and transparent about problems they’re facing and share ideas they care about. We have a culture built on trust and your ideas will always be well-received and encouraged. All Alaners are also benevolent feedback-givers.

Apart from our bi-annual company-wide reviews, we also have official Onboarding Reviews.

At both your 2 and 4 month mark at Alan, you will select 3 Alaners (plus your coach) to review you - and you will review yourself as well. Here, you can reflect and transparently share what your achievements have been, what has been going well, what are your areas of improvement and where your next focus should be.

This is the perfect time to share everything with your support system who will in turn share their point of view - it may sound scary to be officially reviewed, but Alaners are always constructive in their feedback. Our aim is to affirm what is going well and to help you overcome any difficulties you may face settling into your new role.

👌 What are some ‘good-to-knows’?

Alan is an async, remote-first company. We strongly recommend that you come to our delightful Valmy office (in Paris) or to the nearest co-working place in your first days and in a few more occasions to connect with your team and meet some great Alaners. Of course, you can still choose to onboard from the comfort of your own home - the choice is yours.

Before your first Alan day you will:

  • Be provided with the tools you will need to do your job. We will supply you with a brand-new MacBook pro which is already set up, Bose headphones and some Alan merch to keep you fly. This will either be ready at the office or sent to your home address during the week before your first day.

  • Receive an email from the People team introducing you to your onboarding buddies so you will know who your coach and role buddy are before your first day.

In your first week:

  • The onboarding will happen with other new Alaners - The New Alaner Onboarding Batch 😇. You will join a specific Slack Channel (the tool we use for everyday internal communication) with your batch where you can support each other, ask questions to the People team and to your Onboarding Buddies.

  • Day 1: where you onboard from is completely up to you (Paris HQ, one of our coworking spaces, or remotely from your home). The day will start at 9am if you’re at one of the offices, and at 10am if you onboard fully remotely.

    In both cases, the People team will do an introduction round, then show you the main tools you will work with at Alan.

  • Your role buddy will have prepared a special Notion onboarding board for you: a suggestive guide on important readings, documentation, people to meet and tools to get familiar with. This board will help you navigate your first days and weeks at Alan, along with frequent meet-ups with your onboarding Buddies.

  • Because we care about you and your work conditions, you will be able to order additional home-office equipment through Fleex. You will get access in your first week to order whatever you need to be comfortable.

🍀 Final words

We’re super excited by the prospect of having you join Alan! We’re on an incredible journey together and are truly building something exceptional 💪.

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Published on 28/06/2023

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