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      A Healthy Business, increases performance, attracts and retains talent, empowers employees to be physically and mentally healthy. It fosters a culture and work organization that enables employees to thrive and grow.

      How can I join ?

      We are a small group of passionate leaders, we decipher together the structural, social and generational changes affecting the world of work and share our knowledge to help you steer a healthy Business.

      Let's strive to inspire and surprise one another, answer each other's questions, and help each other make better decisions to foster talent density, performance and wellbeing in our companies.

      To join the Healthy business collective, you can either nominate a peer or apply yourself by sending an email at [email protected]


      Here's to the conscious ones. The trailblazers. The visionaries. The caretakers. To those who see employees not as mere assets, but as the beating heart of every business.

      You might call them dreamers, or even naive. We see them as wise.

      For they understand that in the quest for excellence, the strength of a business lies not just in numbers, but in the well-being of every hand that builds it.

      To those who invest in health, happiness, and harmony;  Recognizing that engagement and care lead to innovation and loyalty. They know that a business flourishes, not merely by profit margins, But by the vibrancy of its people.

      In a world that often chases short-term gains, These leaders look beyond, to a horizon of sustainability and mutual prosperity.

      Because the ones who are audacious enough to believe That prioritizing people brings unparalleled performance, Are the ones who will change the world of business.

      So here's to the conscious ones, The believers of a brighter, healthier tomorrow. For in signing this, you pledge to the world, That the heart of business is, and always will be, its people.

      By this manifesto, we commit to the journey of creating healthy businesses, And we stand together, for people, for passion, for purpose.

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