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Discover our health plansDiscover our health plans
      Alan Membership

      A medical team in your pocket

      "It's like I have a doctor in the family."

      Unburden your team, so they can focus on what matters.

      Lower the threshold for your team to improve their lifestyle.

      Discover our health plansDiscover our health plans
      Alan, your friend in health
      How it works

      To prevent or to cure.
      We're here to help.

      Video consultations with doctors

      Save time and talk to a qualified doctor from the comfort of your home. Unlimited consultations, every day of the week. Prescription possible.

      A doctor at your fingertips

      Chat with doctors to ask any question. Preventive or curative. Never wonder, never ask doctor Google again.

      Nutritionist, physiotherapist, psychologist, ...

      In need for advice from experts? To offer you the best advice possible we match you to the right specialist.

      Meet our doctors & specialists

      Our doctors are carefully selected and recruited by our in-house general practitioner. All our doctors are official members of the order of doctors.

      How we unburden your team

      What do you do when your newborn has a worrisome red spot on their back on a Saturday night? You can always start by searching Google. But that’s often the best way to worry even more…

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      Discover our health plansDiscover our health plans